Monday, April 7, 2014

Vegans Who Brunch- The Loose Caboose

After saying a teary goodbye to a bestie at the airport, we took Gordy's Dad and Step Mum to The Loose Caboose at 21 First Street, Hindmarsh. The cafe is beautiful- it's a renovated train station which has been stylishly converted into a funky little cafe with both indoor and outdoor seating. They don't have anything #vegan on the menu per se, but they are happy to make a dish from the sides available. This dish here is on the menu, as smashed organic avocado. It's supposed to come with a Persian feta, but they were more than happy to serve  the dish without that. The avocado comes on rye toast, with corn, radish, chilli and coriander. It cost $14. All their dishes are really well presented, and the coffee is great, too. I had a soy dirty chai, with real herbs and spices in a jug of black tea and a shot of coffee. I totally rate this super cute place. The only real downside is that the mushrooms are cooked in butter, so they're a no-go. Delicious, but. X 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's often the simplest things that are the best. Broccoli and Zucchini Soup.

I'm getting married in just under a month to the coolest boy I know. Sometimes I have to kick myself because the concept of marriage seems so weird to me. I grew up in a single parent house which was completely normal in the time that I grew up, just as it is now. I see nothing wrong with that in any way. As a kid, I just assumed that the same would happen of me, not to say that I had imagined some giant relationship breakdown- I had just never imagined having a partner in the first place. I just saw me with my own child, making crafts and cooking. Sharing the love with a beautiful little mind. 

Now, I have the relationship. I've had to go through many horrid ones that I would rather not reflect on before I found this relationship- let me tell you. But each relationship taught me how to be stronger and stronger and not settle for something that is less than the perfect fit. 

I've known Gordy for years. We never really hung out but would often chat over Facebook. 
And then 5 and a half years ago we went on our first date.

Prior to this date I had written a list of what I wanted in a man, having been fed up of people that seem lovely but just clashed with my personality or were too competitive with me. That is something I particularly hate. Me and Gordy are a team. 

So, my list. 
1. Must like art but not be better at it than me.
2. Must like vintage cars.
3. Must have a similar taste in music.
4. Must have green eyes and brown hair. 
5. Must be open to vegetarian food. (I went vegan about a month after we got together.)

He fit the list perfectly.

Sometimes, I would say the list after a few drinks and would occasionally slip and say green hair.

Gordy had green hair two weeks before our first date. 

And now we are a little family. Me, Gordy, the kittens and our illegitimate child (as he likes to call himself), housemate Josh.

I have so far bought 3 dresses for the wedding, all $90 each. The latest one I bought was a size 8, and so I am just restricting a few calories here and there to fit into it. Not far now. Plus, we are going to the USA for our honeymoon and I know that I will be putting on weight over there so I usually like to loose a few kilos before I go overseas. 

Essentially, I am just focusing on eating vegetables and fruit, and staying away from too many grains and oils. 
This soup is really simple, healthy and low in calories with no fats. My kitten Harry is licking the bowl next to me as I write this. 

Broccoli and Zucchini Soup.
Serves 2.
Time: 15 minutes. 

  • One Onion.
  • Two cloves of Garlic.
  • One Zucchini.
  • One head of Broccoli.
  • About two cups of stock (Use more or less depending on how you like it..
  • Pepper to taste. 


Chop the veggies and put them in a saucepan with the stock. Bring to the boil and then simmer for ten minutes. Carefully blend until smooth. Add as much pepper as you like.

Eat. x 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Substitutions for a healthy lifestyle. X

Lately, I've been using cauliflower instead of rice and zucchini instead of noodles and pasta. This shit is rad and this whole plate is only 343 calories, including seitan. 

I like zucchini so much more than I like pasta. Pasta always reminds me of being poor and not being able to afford to eat anything except plain pasta, sometimes with tomato sauce. 

Oh, how I'm glad being a poor student is over.

I have made my own pasta a few times recently. It's really easy and melts in my mouth. That coupled with homemade basil and spinach pesto is heaven. High calorie heaven. God. I'm hungry.  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Snapshot Review: Vegan a Go-Go! By Sarah Kramer

This super handy little book (it's about the size of my hand) is full of handy hints and tips on how to be vegan when travelling, using recipes with ingredients that can be found pretty much anywhere. Sarah Kramer is amazing and suave throughout, with crazy cute photos and illustrations. I made the faux chicken and the microwave apple crisp tonight and they were both eaten before I had a chance to photograph them. I highly recommend this really handy book, whether you're travelling or just chilling at home. Eat it. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Breakfast idea.

This is today's 'new favourite breakfast'. I can't take credit for it. It's a Thermomix thing. You can make it in a blender or food processor though. Simples. 

•20gm of almonds. 
•20gm pitted dates. 
•20gm coconut.
•half an apple, chopped roughly. Grr.

Put all these things in a blender or food processor and pulse a few times until it resembles cereal. 
I poured cashew cream on mine. Yep. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Portable Passionfruit Plants and The Great Outdoors.

There are some sad and dreary days where I miss the feel of the sun on my skin and the wind through my hair. On those days, I feel locked up in my man made cave, almost like a prisoner of this modern world. With this in mind, I have been making a point to get outside and breath. Sometimes this almost simple task seems impossible with the hustle and bustle of daily life and the workforce, but now that the sun is shining, I'm back on my bike and out into the great, wide world.

And back into my little garden.

I have always wanted to grow passionfruit. Their flowers are just so beautiful and unique. They bring memories flooding back of my teenage years. Oh, the 90's. I remember the first time I saw a passionfruit flower. I stared at it for hours. I had never seen anything like it.

As a renter, I have never really had the chance to grow them, as they take a good two years or so to establish and I could never be certain how long I would be in the one place. Gordy and I have been getting into pallet furniture making. He's a clever cat and has been making all kinds of things with this free and easy reclaimed material.

I wanted to make some vertical gardens. With this one, I nailed a green bag to the back of a pallet, filled it with soil and a passionfruit plant and used some S- shaped hooks to hang it to our fence.
The passionfruit plant seems to like it, with new little shoots growing.

I can't wait for it to cover the whole thing.

And if we have to move, I can take it with me.

Here are some things that have been going on in my garden over the last couple of months:

Gorgeous baby zucchinis.

And something I am particularly proud of, baby lemons on my dwarf lemon tree. I have had this tree for about 3 years, and finally it is bearing fruit. About 70 fruit to be exact. I don't know how that will work out on such a little tree, but it's fascinating none the less.

I hope you are enjoying the great outdoors today. xx

Friday, October 18, 2013

Pawpaw and Avocado salad on these sunshiny days.

I'm shit at making salads. I have a few that I bounce back to always, namely rocket and marinated veg, or rocket, pear and walnut. Rocket and anything, really. So now that it's Summer, otherwise known as Salad Days, I am on a mission to figure out how to make a winning salad. You can win friends with salad, dammit.

Today, I walked passed a beautifully ripe pawpaw in the veggie shop. So I stood there and googled pawpaw salad. All that google showed me was green papaya salad. Fail, Google.

So I stated to google salsas and ended up using all that inspiration to make a pretty tasty salad. Good things come to those who Google. I did have to think "why am I googling and not just throwing this all in a bowl?" But then I had to admit to myself that when it comes to salad, I don't rock that casbah. Nope.

Here's kinda what I made. I hope it gives you some sexy inspiration.


  • Chopped Pawpaw. (I'm not going to give you amounts. Just use what feels right.)
  • Chopped Avocado. (Ok. I used half an avocado and quarter of a pawpaw- but this was just for me.)
  • Red Capsicum. (Quarter, chopped)
  • One Spring Onion, chopped. 
  • Fresh Mint and Coriander leaves, chopped.
  • Sesame seeds. (half a teaspoon)
  • Pepita seeds. (a teaspoon)
  • Red chilli. (I used dried, about half a teaspoon, but I like chilli.)
  • A splash of sesame oil. (You could use lime juice)

Place the pawpaw, avocado and capsicum in a bowl. Top with the fresh herbs and then the seeds and chilli. Splash the oil over. Eat.

What I ate here equaled 292 calories for those of you kicking' it health-wise. 

Here is a picture of one of the hundreds of rainbow lorikeets eating the loquats from my tree. I'm happy to share. I can't reach those ones anyway. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bliss balls and a recipe card.

I gave an education session today at work about stress management. I made these bliss balls to show everyone that energetic treats can be delicious. I made little recipe cards for everyone. I thought I'd share it here with you.

Feel free to download and print. :) xx

Monday, September 30, 2013

Hardings Fine Food and supporting local business.

I've known Andrew for a few years now. Sadly... or funnily... we met on Myspace whilst discussing politics. I was running for the Greens in a state election and Andrew took notice of a photo of a rather nervous looking me with the amazing Bob Brown. How hilarious.

Gordy and I went to Andrew and Kim's beautiful house in Sellicks Beach, an hour south of Adelaide, for dinner and alcoholic beverages on the weekend.

Kim made the most beautiful Sri Lankan curries and the next day, Andrew ran over to his parents house and grabbed a packet of his dad's own curry powder. I'm so impressed, I just had to tell you about it.

I've had a few items from the Hardings Fine Food  range and they have been magic in my mouth. I highly recommend the nut butters and the chutneys. They are absolute magic.

Enjoy your week. :) x

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Delicious Infusions of Alcohol... x

Hello lovely.

I hope you are well. I've had a few days off to enjoy this beautiful spring weather and isn't it just glorious? I have been wandering around my local neighbourhood, planning seed bombing adventures and ways of travelling through the hidden tunnels of Adelaide. I can't kick the day dreaming, but that's ok because I'm good at making day dreams a reality.

In amongst all of this, I bought myself a bottle of gin and a bottle of vodka to infuse for my wedding in April. Using Caroline's recipe for Strawberry Gin on Tea and Sympatico, I expanded the principle and am currently infusing chilli and passionfruit into vodka. It already has a super strong smell. Can't wait for that one to be ready.  I've made the Strawberry Gin before and it was delicious. I put it into cute jars and gave them away for Christmas. They were such a hit.

This is perfect for sexy, summer drinking. Bring on the Sun. xx