Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Give a little...

I am a member of three charities, meaning that I donate money on a regular basis to them. I never would have considered doing this, until I moved to Sydney and started working for a variety of charities, and realised just how much they do to help others. I now give small amounts each month, and i honestly don't even notice when the money comes out of my bank account. Even when I was a poor, poor student, I still managed to give small amounts for the greater good. And come tax time, it certainly makes a difference to my return.
By doing this, even on my darkest days, I know that I am helping fund campaigns aimed at protecting human rights, animals and the environment.
Even if you feel you can't do this, signing a petition can make a world of difference. Amnesty International have been able to save people from prisons with as little as 400 signatures and not much else. Go to for more information. Here is the perfect place to start. Free Burma's Political Prisoners. Burma are coming up to an election and we need to ensure that this election is not as corrupt as it has been in the past and that no blood is shed. You CAN help.

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