Thursday, July 15, 2010

Not so Soft Drinks

I have never been a big fan of soft drinks. I was never allowed to have them as a child as they were too expensive and my mum didn't want me filling up on drink. I always wanted and asked for a Soda Stream every christmas, and I finally got one two years ago. Oh, the excitement! And then I remembered how ill and dizzy and just plain sick they made me feel. Bummer- but soda water has become my friend, I must say.
Grab 1 bottle of soda water and add half a cup of fresh lemon or lime juice. I tell you what- This tastes just as good, if not so much better, than sugary, preservative laden lemonade.
The other day I was making a cup of raspberry tea, when it hit me. Why not make it into soda? So I did and it's very nice. I got three teabags and put them in a jug with about a litre of hot water and let them steep until the water became cold. I then added it to the soda stream and voila! You could do this with half a litre of the cold tea and half a litre of soda water and I bet it would taste just as good.
... And they both go so well with Vodka.


  1. Oh how cool. I haven't missed softdrinks from my life in the past few years, but I do love sparkling water and am reluctant to buy it because of the plastic bottles. A soda stream would be so perfect!

  2. It all sounds great. Not sure about the vodka though.

  3. John- hehe :)

    Theresa- They do save so much on plastic and its so very handy having it on hand. Because I don't really use it that much, the gas lasts for ages. :)

  4. is the gas expensive? how many bottles do you think you would get from one canister? where do you go to get a new one? is it like a swap and go type arrangement?