Monday, September 27, 2010

How eco-friendly is your lunch?

I am often asked about my lunch and my choice of lunch boxes. I have a bit of a thing for vintage tupperware at the moment and usually have a three tiered tiffin that I fill with goodies.
I love shopping around for bric a brac in op-shops. One particular day, I was thinking about how I am so not impressed with how every lunch box I have seen or owned is plastic. They break and are so not good for our beautiful little planet, as we all know. On a trip to an op shop in Semaphore, I found a three tiered tiffin! I was so excited as I knew this lunch box would probably last forever without breaking and it looks so cute too.
I found this website via The Kind Life,, where you can buy your very own tiffin to have and to have lunch with as long as you shall live. They also sell bamboo utensils and other glorious items to make your lunch eco-friendly and pretty damn sexy while we're at it. I always have a bunch of utensils in my bag and often get stopped at airports to take the fork out. It's always so handy to be prepared when you feel like grabbing something random. They hardly take up any space and yet make such a difference in the long run. the ones sold by To Go Ware are bamboo, so I think I may just get some as they don't get picked up by airport scanners. The holders are made out of recycled plastic too.
Give it some thought. How do you eat your lunch?

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