Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fast and easy snack food- steamed tofu, vegetables and rice

This meal is my favorite fast food at the moment. It's easy, filling, quick, healthy and most of all, delicious. At the moment, I'm working night shift, and my body seems to be getting used to it. Even still, I really can't be bothered spending too much time cooking and I'm not really sure when and what to eat in order to maintain some kinda body clock. I've decided to eat breakfast at about four am, have a snack when I get home at eight, have lunch at about four pm, after I've woken up and then dinner at about ten. It seems to work and I haven't gotten sick, like I did when I first started night shift. This meal is the perfect 'lunch'. Hell, I'd probably eat it for dinner and breakfast too. If you have suggestions on how to handle night shift, I'd love to hear them! In the meantime:

In a bamboo steamer (or any kind of steamer for that matter) add
•a bunch of bok choy,
•half a carrot, sliced,
•a handful of bean sprouts,
•one sliced mushroom,
•about half a cup of chunky, firm tofu,
•half a cup of pre-cooked rice.
Pop the steamer on top of a saucepan that has about an inch of boiling water in it. Keep it boiling for about ten minutes. Be careful when taking the steamer off, because the steam bites!
Put the veggies and all in a bowl and add your favorite topping. I've been mixing in a couple of teaspoons of hoisin sauce. May I suggest soy, satay, sweet and sour or maybe even sweet chili.


  1. What's wrong with the packet of chips from the vending machine?

  2. I do four nights in a row. If I ate chips everynight, I don't think my body will be very happy :)