Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Strawberry and Rocket (arugula) salad with Macadamias.

So here in Adelaide, Australia, it's summertime. I love summer and everything about it, even the 45 degree celsius (that's 113 f) dry heat that seems to be a regular occurrence. I love that I live equal distances from the city and the beach and I can ride my bike along a river to either.
I love the strawberries and rocket (arugula) growing in my backyard.
I don't, however, love sunburn.

This salad is really yummy. The inspiration came from visiting the cute little cafe called 'The Elephant Walk'. They serves their salad with strawberries covered in vinegar. Freaking brilliant!
Two handfuls of rocket (arugula).
A cup of halved strawberries.
A tablespoon of balsamic glaze.
A teaspoon of truffle oil (or your favourite flavorsome oil if you don't have truffle. A light olive or flax will be fine.)
A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.
A few shakes of pepper or to taste.
A tablespoon full of chopped macadamias.
How to:
In a bowl, put the rocket and the strawberries. Drizzle the glaze and the oil over the top, along with the vinegar. Shake on the pepper. Finally, add the chopped macadamias in the middle.
Serves one as a main, two as a side dish. It's almost like eating dessert for dinner. So refreshing! What's your favourite salad?

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