Thursday, January 13, 2011

Laksa tofu and rice salad.

I've been eating this all week. Even Gordy is really into it. It's fresh and flavoursome. Healthy and delicious. Quick, too!
For the tofu:
Half a cup of firm tofu, cut into small cubes.
One tablespoon of Ginger.
One tablespoon of garlic.
One tablespoon of vegan laksa paste.
Put the Ginger, garlic and laksa paste in a pre-heated small fry pan on medium heat and mix about. Add the tofu and fry all together for about 3-5 minutes, until it's all cooked and heated through.
For the rice salad:
Half a cup of precooked rice.
Half a capsicum, thinly sliced.
Half a shredded carrot.
Two tablespoons sliced spring onion.
I also like to add two tablespoons on preserved radish, bought from the Asian grocery store.
Mix all the ingredients together, and then add the tofu on top.
Serves one.


  1. I've never had laksa tofu before, but yours looks super delicious!

  2. Laksa is usually a soup. It's quite delicious. This is a spin on the traditional version. I'll have to make a laska to show you :) xx