Monday, July 25, 2011

Super Vegan Raw Jaffa Cake with Orange Icing.

 I have been imagining this cake for a few days. My diet over the last month has been less than healthy and I can certainly feel it. I need to fill my life with things that are good and wholesome but tasty and consist of more than just a celery stick. So here it is... Raw Jaffa Cake with Orange Icing. Yum. It really tastes good too, like a mud cake or a brownie. I love it when raw foods taste anything but raw. It gets me excited.

Photo of the cake before it's chilled.

Serves 8.
Takes 10 minutes plus soaking time and chilling time.

  • 2 and a half cups of walnuts.
  • 2 cups of dates.
  • Half a cup of orange juice.
  • 1 cup of cocoa or caoco powder.
  • Quarter of a cup of shredded coconut.
For the Icing:
  • One tablespoon of grated orange rind.
  • Two tablespoons of melted coconut oil.
  • One tablespoon of  agave nectar or your sweetener of choice.
  • Tiny pinch of salt.
Soak the dates in the orange juice until they are soft. At least 20 minutes but overnight is preferred.
In you trusty food processor, add the two and a half cups of walnuts and pulse until the walnuts resemble cake crumbs. Take them out of the food processor and put them in a separate bowl.

In the food processor (no need to clean it...) add the dates and the orange juice. Blend until it resembles a paste. Add the walnuts to the paste mix as well as the cocoa. Mix to combine.

On a plate, sprinkle the shredded coconut. This is really just to stop it from sticking to the bottom, so if coconut isn't your thing, maybe use some baking paper, oil or a sprinkling of nuts.

Put the mixture on top and shape it into a cake shape using a knife. It's kinda like play-doh so get sculpting.

Now for the icing...

In a bowl, add the coconut oil, orange rind, agave nectar and salt. Mix very well to combine. Seriously, give it a good stir. Using a spoon, pour it over the cake. Pop the cake in the fridge to chill. Ideally you want to pop it in there for a couple of hours at least- preferably overnight, but you could eat it straight away. Who am I to tell you what to do? 

So enjoy! Be healthy and excited by the pure taste sensation! Yeah! xx


  1. Thanks for the recipe! Cake look so yummy, I will make it this week, and let you know how it turns out!!

  2. That would be lovely, Sophie! Hope you enjoy it. I love it. xx