Friday, July 22, 2011

The "Get Well Soon" Vegan noodle and vegetable soup.

I've not been very well at all for the last two days. I won't go into detail because it's not the nicest, but I can say this soup has totally hit the spot.

Time: 10 minutes prep time and half an hour cook time.
Serves: 4-8.

• One tablespoon of oil.
• One clove of garlic, minced.
• One brown onion, chopped.
• Two carrots, chopped.
• Two parsnips, chopped.
• One turnip, diced.
• One swede, diced.
• Two celery stakes, diced.
• Two dry shittake mushrooms.
• Two tablespoons of Bragg's liquid aminos or tamari or soy sauce.
• A handful of dry rice vermicelli noodles.
• Enough boiling water to cover the vegetables by about an inch.
• Pepper to taste.

Add the oil to the pan and heat through.
Over medium heat, add all of the vegetables and stir for about three minutes to seal in the flavours.
Add the mushrooms and the water and bring to the boil.
Allow the soup to simmer for about fifteen minutes and then add the noodles and the liquid aminos/ soy sauce or tamari.
Simmer for a further five minutes.
Add pepper and serve. If you want more of a "chicken noodle soup" feel, add some seitan, gluten or meat substitute of your choice in the beginning of the recipe.
Delicious, healthy and simple. Xx


  1. Hope you feel better soon, Sally! The soup looks great.

  2. Thanks Cheryl! Hope you had a great holiday. Sounds like you did :)

  3. get well soon, soup is always good x

  4. Thank you! I'm feeling better but still a bit rough. Hope you're fantastic xx

  5. what is a swede? i am unfamiliar with this ingredient!

  6. It's a yellow turnip. Here's what wiki has to say: :) xx