Monday, July 25, 2011

What's your idea of charity?

I was struck at work the other day whilst over lunch, the nurses were discussing tthe idea of charity. Many had the idea that we perform an act of charity at work, being nurses and this is partially true.
Some said that they were happy to throw some change in the direction of a charity if they were walking passed.

But what would happen if we all donated to a charity on a regular basis?

I donate to three charities monthly and others on the odd occasion. I have chosen three charities that I feel strongly about and want to make a difference in these areas. Donating on a monthly basis may seem crazy to some but seriously, the amounts that I choose to give add up to less than $1.50 per day.

Considering the amount of crap I spend money on ("No... I do not need to buy that bottle of water, which creates waste and I have the luxury of getting water from a tap, anyway."), knowing that I am actually making a difference without even noticing is the most amazing gift we can give to ourselves and others.

Plus it's tax deductible.

Don't get me wrong, I know not everyone can afford even to buy a coffee at work but more people can than can't. Perhaps rethink what you spend your money on and help save the world just a little more.

If you honestly can't do this, there are other ways to help. Trust me. I know all about having to be incredibly creative even if only to feed yourself. In my first year of uni and first year out of home, I made $180 a fortnight and paid $105 of that in rent. The rest went to bills, petrol, study books and bus tickets and what little I had left went on food. We once made a curry out of only onions and spices, so trust me, I know what poor is.

I was still able to donate my time to my local youth centre and I was still able to give blood. Giving blood is especially exciting because not only do you save 3 lives with each donation, but they give you food and juice and a small present. Score!

I have a need in me to give. I can't help but give myself a little pat on the back knowing I have made someone's life a little easier. I hope you get a kick out of it too.


  1. I give to 3 charities with a small monthly payment too. I suppose the other thing I do on a regular basis is bake stuff for stalls where the proceeds go to charity. The biggest thing I ever did was to do the Inca Trail in Peru 5 years ago as part of a fundraising trek organised by a mental health charity and that was amazing, something I will never forget, really was a life changing experience and challenge that I would recommend to anybody!

  2. That sounds phenomenal! Who did you do that through? That sounds pretty life changing. :) I've looked into baking for stalls here, but we have super strict laws where apparently whatever kitchen you cook in needs to be given the all clear by the health department- well, to sell food at any of the good markets, anyway :)