Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mash Potato and Baked Bean Pie- Yes, You read that right.

I'm just eating them now... for breakfast.

Time: 25 minutes if using an oven, 7 minutes if using a pie maker.

Makes: As many as you like.

  • Store bought puff pastry (always read the lable to make sure it's vegan).
  • One tin of your favourite baked beans.
  • A small amount of mash potato, depending on how big your pie is...
It's literally store bought vegan puff pastry cut to fit and put in a small pie tin (or pie maker) filled with tinned baked beans and pre-made mash potato. The amounts of these depend on how big your pie is. For mine, it was about 2 tablespoons of each. Start by putting the beans in first and then the potatoes.
Put a circle of puff pastry on the top of the pie to cover. 
Cook at 180*c for twenty minutes or until golden (or for five minutes in a pie maker). Hope that helps! :) I'm so full... (yep, I ate two. I could probably eat another...) x

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