Monday, October 3, 2011

Green Chai Tea- for Vegan MoFo

How is your Vegan MoFo going? Mine is just swell, other than the fact that every computer I touch has a hissy fit and dies in my arms. If anyone has been wondering why i haven't made my youtube cooking show yet, this is why. Production of the cook book has also ceased. If anyone has a computer handy, head it on over to me! I'll be sending most of the posts this week from my lowly iPhone.
And unfortunately, I learned last week that the factory that makes iPhones in China is dealing with some pretty strong human rights issues.

Allegedly, the workers work incredibly long hours and they work on the same production line every day of their working lives. I dont know about you but that would lead my little mind out the window. They have allegedly had to put fencing around the roof to stop people committing suicide. You can read more about that here. If you're like me and you love your humans as much as your animals, maybe think twice before your next upgrade? I personally find this information disheartening because I love the mac brand and I have refused to own anything but since I bought my first mac nine years ago. I still have it. It's a G4.
But on with the tea!

I love tea so much but really have to stay away from the more caffeinated versions because it makes me really jittery. Even green tea causes my body to shake, rattle and roll without my permission. Green tea is however, full of antioxidants and it even burns about 25 calories per cup by increasing your metabolism. Add these other ingredients and you're onto a winner, baby.

Makes: 6 cups.
Time: 15 minutes.

• 1 tablespoon of fennel seeds.
• 1 teaspoon cardamom pods.
• 1 teaspoon of cloves.
• 1 stick of cinnamon.
• 8 black pepper corns.
• 2 bay leaves.
• 1 knob of Ginger, about the size of your thumb.
• 2 bags of green tea, or 2 tablespoons of green leaf tea.
• 6 cups of water.

Add all the ingredients to a saucepan and let simmer for at least 10 minutes.
Obviously, the longer you simmer it for, the stronger it will taste.
If you don't use it all, just reheat it on the stove or in the microwave if you're so inclined.

This, by the way, is my 100th recipe post. I thought I would share my green chai with you because I drink it pretty much everyday. Big love. Xx


  1. Yay, 100 recipe posts well done! The chai sounds lovely, never had a green version x

  2. The chai recipe sounds great. I admire your interest in being a conscious consumer as well :)

  3. Hehe! Sounds funny, doesn't it? October is the Vegan Month of Food, so MoFo is short for Month of FOod. << check that out for more info. :) xx