Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Illuminate me. Skin scrub for those night dwellers and stress bunnies. Vegan MoFo xx

I work permanent nights at the moment. Many of my fellow staff and friends think I'm a nutter for doing this but it lends more stability to my life than shift work.

Us nurses have three types of shifts: earlies (7am- 3:30pm), lates (1pm- 9:30pm) and nights (9pm- 7:30am). Nights are longer hours and a little more cashola, which means I get more days off and can do evening things every day like drum lessons and have dinner with my lovely friends.

Also, I have Thursday nights off so I can deejay at the Crown & Anchor. Life just works right now.
There is one thing though. My skin and hair get a little dull sometimes.

I usually allow myself a once a week pamper session which involves me feeling a little luxurious.
For this weeks session I have made a facial scrub which both exfoliates and moisturises. It's also ridiculously simple and I bet you have the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard.

Time: 2 minutes
Makes: Half a cup.


• Half a cup of raw sugar.
• Three tablespoons of olive oil.
• A clean jar.


Take the clean jar and add the sugar. Mix in the oil.
When using, take about a teaspoon and rub it in circular motions over your face- your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. You can even use it gently around the skin of your eyes. That is delicate skin there, so be careful.
Wash off with cold water.
Feel how lovely your skin feels and know that you are beautiful.

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  1. Your work schedule sounds great to me...time for work and for fun! This scrub looks lovely.