Friday, October 7, 2011

Vegan French Onion Soup- The smell alone is sexu-wah-wah. Vegan Mofo! xx

I stood over this pot for literally an hour and a half just smelling how good it was. It's divinity in a bowl. The ingredients are simple but it does take a bit of time to all come together. Having said that, you still don't really need to do much. It's just so freaking simple that I can't believe I haven't made this before. You know that amazing smell when you saute the onions and garlic at the beginning of a recipe? Well, this recipe is that. Concentrated and in soup form.

Time: An hour and a half.
Serves: 4.

  • Quarter of a cup of veggie butter or olive oil.
  • Four cups of sliced onions.
  • One tablespoon of minced garlic.
  • Six cups of good veggie stock.
  • Two bay leaves.
  • Two sprigs of parsley.
  • A teaspoon of dried tarragon.

Add the oil or butter to a saucepan over medium heat and melt. Add the garlic and the onions and mix them so they are covered in the butter/ oil. Pop the lid of the saucepan on so that no air can escape and leave it to simmer in it's own juices for about 20 minutes. Lift the lid to stir once or twice during that 20 minutes.

Take the lid off and one cup of stock. Leave it to simmer until the stock has almost evaporated. Add another cup and do the same.

Add the remaining four cups of stock and the herbs and bring to the boil. Leave to simmer for about twenty minutes and then take the herbs out.

Serve with fresh crusty bread.