Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Veggie Patch! Vegan MoFo xx

This fine eve we spent time in the garden, sprucing up the veggie patch.
We planted eggplant, an olive tree, pumpkin and around the gate in the front yard, tomatoes. We're running out of places to put things.

We covered everything in pea straw and poured an organic fertiliser over it.

The bugs have been eating our broccoli. I understand why. I love broccoli too. I've sprayed them with various mixtures over the years to stop them and usually a mix of garlic and chilli works. I'm trying a coffee spray out this time. I've been told it works marvellously. Once again understandable. I don't like coffee either.

I pulled up some raddichio that's been growing for about a year and a half but has never actually sprouted those little red balls of leaves. I always feel a little bad pulling plants up. Poor little guys. This may be left as a remnant from my childhood where if I hit my head on a table and started crying, I'd be made to apologise to the table. Crazy family.
I think it's mainly because I spend so much time wondering at the marvels of nature I feel bad that it's by my hand that these beautiful things are destroyed.
Grow, little veggies. Xx

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  1. Love this post. I too feel bad if we've made the decision to purposefully pull up a plant.
    I may need to try your coffee spray on the broccoli trick. Although it's not yet a problem in Canberra (what with the being so damn cold overnight, each night).
    On another note entirely, I 'found' a 3rd apple tree growing in our front garden this morning. We moved here March of last year (with a 5 week old!) and the (enormous) garden was very overgrown. I most chuffed about my find and am keen to prune away the horrid prickly bush from around it.