Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend weddings... Vegan MoFo

Sincere apologies for not posting the last few days. I have been semi camping in McLaren Vale, one of worlds premier wine regions.
There were a few weddings on in McLaren Vale this weekend and so accommodation was scarce. We pitched a tent in the caravan park and trundled off to one of the funniest and most beautiful weddings I have ever been to. Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Harding. May your life be something of wonder and joy. Xx
The wedding was held at Red Poles Restaurant, Gallery and B&B. It's such a beautiful place. The catering made me a vegan sweet potato red curry which was delightful. We also found a shop called The Olive Shop that sold only- have a guess? Olives. I bought massive green olives stuffed with almonds. Amazing!

When we woke up today we went for a drive to the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market. I bought some pumpkin, broccolini, sage to plant and micro basil to plant. Very excited. The farmers market is excellent for buying all kinds of produce. They have small businesses that sell their products too. A few things are vegan/ macrobiotic and the range of seasonal veggies is fab.
I'm thinking Sunday roast veggies is in order. Or maybe a roasted pumpkin stuffed with risotto? Mmmm.... Risotto.
Hope all you vegan mofo'ers are having a excellent day! Xx


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I have a small pumpkin sitting on my window ledge. I've never thought of stuffing one before, might give it a go!

  2. Sounds like a golden weekend! Love that they didn't serve you cold pasta. I'd be over the moon with vegan curry at a wedding.

  3. My blog isn't allowing me to leave comments in my own name. Mean blog. But yes, the wedding was divine. The last wedding I went to only had tabouli for me to eat. That was the only thing that didn't have meat in it, let alone eggs and dairy. :) xx