Friday, January 6, 2012

Herbal tea for you and me...

Herbal tea is the best. It's flavoursome and delightful. You can drink it hot or cool it down for an icy refreshment. Lush. Today I am being super boring. I am relaxing on the couch and watching TV cooking shows. I'm really enjoying being horizontal right now. Sometimes it's good to not do anything.

Time: As long as it takes to boil the kettle.
Makes: As much as you like.

• A bunch of your favourite herbs. I like mint and ginger.
• A few cups, more or less, of boiling water.

Method: Place the herbs in a container that won't be destroyed by boiling water.
Cover with the boiling water and let steep for about five minutes.
Pour into a cup and drink.

Enjoy xx


  1. Oh how funny - I was just thinking about making some herbal tea last night with ginger and lemon peel... <3 xxx