Monday, February 27, 2012

Choc Chia (Pet) Pudding or Raw CoCoPops.

It seems my health kicks last from Monday to Thursday an then all bets are off on the weekend. I think it's a mixture of not being prepared for the weekend and having many social engagements. It's fun. I have no complaints. I must admit I had some pretty tasty vegan pizza from Godzilla's on Brighton Road yesterday. It. Was. Good.
Anyway, on with the 'It's Monday and I'm prepared for greatness' show.
Last night I got out my trusty little jar that I have been using to make chia pudding. Chia, in case you've been living under a rock, is a relatively recent superfood that was supposedly used by the Aztecs and provides a lot of protein. Personally, I think every natural and non processed food is a superfood. Fill your body on the good stuff. And seriously, chia? The seed that grew in our Chia Pet's? That's so 80's.
PS This tastes very similar to CoCoPops. Eat this for a super tasty breakfast or dessert.

Makes: 4 serves. 
Time: ten minutes plus overnight.


• 1/4 Cup of chia seeds.
• One and a half cups of nut milk (I like homemade almond or rice).
• One tablespoon of natural sweetener, such as agave or stevia.
• One tablespoon of cacao powder.


Place these all in a jar and give them a good stir.
Place the jar in the fridge and in the morning it will be ready to eat.
Should keep for about 3 days.


  1. Oh my god. I am definitely trying this one. :)


  2. It's in the fridge, waiting for me for breakfast. :)
    Thank you Sally

    1. This was lovely for breakfast. Looking forward to it again tomorrow (and have convinced Anya to have some with me).

  3. Aw! I'm so glad you liked it! :) How did Anya enjoy it?

  4. Anya, Zander AND Drew all love it. Bruce (hubby) is now keen to taste what all the fuss is about. So 'making' more for breakfast tomorrow. :o)
    Got to love a simple dish that's both tasty and good for your bod!

  5. Made this during the past few CRAZY muggy days for breakfast, lunch and mid-day snack. Them made some more! Great idea for no-cook days and when you're hungry but can't bring yourself to gorge.

    1. Awe! Thanks for trying out my recipes. I love hearing positive feedback! x

  6. Yum! I used drinking chocolate powder, so only needed 3 ingredients!