Thursday, February 16, 2012

Easy Chickpea-sy Salad

My dear friend Emma showed me this salad when she was here in Adelaide. Emma's very good with the penny pinching. She's done a lot of travelling and for this reason, has needed to save the moolah on many occasions. This was one of her staples, and might I just add, for a penny pinching meal, it's really tasty.
Also, Emma is an amazing photographer specialising in portraiture, travel and music photography. Check out her work here.

Time: 5 Minutes. Not even.
Serves: 2.


  • One can of chickpeas or 2 cups of cooked ones.
  • Two sprigs of spring onion, sliced.
  • A small splash of olive oil.
  • A few shakes of pepper.
  • Chilli, dried or fresh, to taste.

Put all of these ingredients into a bowl and mix.

There it is. Done.

PS This post is bought to you by my newly fixed Macbook Air. There was something funky growing in it apparently. How very strange. Anyway, $1090 later, my book is still on the computer. I'm feeling very fortunate. :) xx


  1. Yay for NOT loosing all your work on your computer! :o) And, OUCH! to the repair cost.

    I think I now have lunch for tomorrow covered too. :) I may have to add some tomatoes to the mix though (because I have SO many growing here).

    Thank you, again.

  2. I am dedicating today to some exercise and writing the book. Feeling good! fresh tomatoes are amazing! I'm so jealous. I think i might play in the veggie patch too. We've got tonnes of eggplant.

  3. Oooh,eggplant. What a shame we don't live closer... we could do a vegie swap. :)
    I'm going to have to make a big batch of ratatouille, given we have so many sneaky zucchinis growing too.
    I hope both the exercise and writing was productive.