Friday, March 9, 2012

Cherry Crumble and the Vegan Cooking School!

Talking to yourself with the camera turned on is weird. Just plain weird. And the thing about youtube... so many mean people in the world. Mean people suck. BUT...

This is the debut of the Vegan Cooking School. Some of you adore print. Some of you adore motion. Let me help you out with that. I'll periodically be making recipe blogs to share with you. This is the first of the series- Cherry Crumble. Sexy. Delicious. Easy to make with only four ingredients.

Music by The Bon Scotts, "We can cause such a fuss."

For those that prefer print:

Time: 1 hour & ten minutes.
Serves: 8.

  • One cup of plain flour.
  • Half a cup of vegan sugar (not all sugar is created vegan).
  • One cup of vegan margarine.
  • Two cups of canned, drained cherries.

In a bowl, mix the flour, sugar and margarine with your hands till it resembles bread crumbs. It should also be able to stick together in little lumps.

In an oven proof bowl, add the cherries. Place the crumble mixture over the top. Place an extra teaspoon of margarine on the very top and place in the oven at 180C or 360F for one hour or until golden brown.
Serve with vegan ice cream or vegan cream.

Prepare for heaven in a bowl. 


  1. Brilliant, this is ace, you're great on camera. Hope there's more soon, xxx

  2. oh, you are lovely! I still feel very shy about the whole thing and really haven't shared the video that much. I'm hoping with a few more I'll feel more comfortable with it. :)