Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Delicious Gado Gado... x

Adelaide is really coming along in terms of pop-up food stalls and interesting and creative cafes. There seems to be a new one each week. This week, I went to The House of Donkey on Sturt Street in the City. I really like that area of town. It's more relaxed with old cottage houses and interesting little hidden gems.
The House of Donkey is super cute. The theme is obviously the donkey, with a large painting on the wall and lots of small ceramic donkeys adorning the windowsill filled with gorgeous little succulents. 

House of Donkey serves simple and delicious vegetarian and vegan food. The prices are rather reasonable. In the middle room of this house turned cafe is a floristry set up. Out back are reclaimed pallets that have been made into vertical plant boxes. They also have fresh vegetables growing in the garden. So cute.

For lunch, I had the Gado Gado, the chocolate raspberry pie and an iced green tea with mint, cucumber and fresh lemon. I was delicious. I was highly inspired to make my own gado gado.
Apparently, some of the veggies should be traditionally blanched but as I'm not too into being fussy, I'm just going to chop my clean, fresh veggies and add the delicious satay sauce. Also, carrots are not a traditional ingredient. This is evolution, baby.

Time: 20 Minutes.
Serves: About 4. 

  • Three potatoes, peeled, chopped into large but bite sized pieces. Boil in some water until just tender. Not too tender. You want them to stay in one piece. Drain the water and let cool.
  • A quarter of a red cabbage, sliced.
  • About two cups of bean sprouts.
  • One carrot, grated. Actually, I spiralled mine into ribbons. Do that if you can, or just grate it.
  • About 10 green beans, halved.
  • One spring onion, chopped.
  • A small handful of coriander, torn into little bits.
  • A small handful of mint, torn. If you tear it, it stops the edges going brown like they do when you cut it with a knife. 
  • Four Tablespoons of natural peanut butter.
  • The juice of one lime.
  • A few shakes of pepper.
  • Three Tablespoons of water. 

Place the potatoes, cabbage, bean sprouts, carrot, green beans, spring onion, coriander and mint into a bowl and gently toss together with your hands. 
In a separate bowl, Place the peanut butter, lime juice, pepper and water and mix together with a fork. Depending on how you like your dressing, you can add more water for a thinner dressing or less for a thicker dressing. I sometimes like mine thicker so I can use it as more of a dip.

I'm actually having this for lunch tomorrow. Can't wait. It's super hot here, at the moment but the night sky is full of thunder. So beautiful.

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