Friday, August 2, 2013

Pulled Jack fruit is all the rage.

Adelaide is really coming up in the world of cafes, culture and quirk. There has been an abundance of cute food trucks that have spun up on the streets of Adelaide recently, each with a different yet interesting food on offer. The variety includes Gordy's favourite The Sneaky Pickle, a food truck that sells battered pickle chips and pulled pork.

I've noticed that pulled pork is becoming quite fashionable in our little capital city, so I decided to make my own vegan version with something that I had heard of and never used. A strange, giant fruit called jackfruit.

I scoured the internet looking for recipes and then basically made up my own based on what I had in my cupboard. Here is the basic run down.

I bought a can of jackfruit from the asian grocery store. Once home, I gave it a good wash in some fresh, running water, squeezing each piece until the water had drained from it. I then placed it in a crock pot (slow cooker for those that are unsure of what this magical thing called a crock pot might be) with some chopped onion, garlic, about a half a cup of BBQ sauce, about a half a cup of homemade tomato pasta sauce, a few drops of liquid smoke, maple syrup, apple cider vinegar, some smoked paprika and salt and pepper. Here's the part that gets ridiculous.

I went out and forgot I left it switched on. My lovely housemate Josh was home and he was kind enough to turn it off for me, before I burned the house down. So basically, it spent all night marinating in the cold on the counter. This morning, I couldn't be bothered to wait for the slow cooker to work its magic so I shoved it in the oven at about 180C, stirring every now and again. I think it took about half an hour, all up, until it was nice and cooked. What an aromatic smell it was, wafting through the house.

The result was something Gordy (the omnivore) got really excited over. It was really tasty. I'll definitely play with this fruit again. He's keen to give it a yiros flavour the next time around.

The gig I left this pulled jackfruit for was firstly, The Unset, and finally, The Cold War Kids. They were magic.


  1. Hi, here's another link for jackfruit you may be interested in!


    1. Thanks Gail. That looks interesting. Have you made this one? I'm well keen to use the fruit again. :)

    2. Was going to try it out but the Asian store on Henley Beach Road I usually go to ran out of that particular type of jackfruit. Waaaaaah!

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