Monday, April 7, 2014

Vegans Who Brunch- The Loose Caboose

After saying a teary goodbye to a bestie at the airport, we took Gordy's Dad and Step Mum to The Loose Caboose at 21 First Street, Hindmarsh. The cafe is beautiful- it's a renovated train station which has been stylishly converted into a funky little cafe with both indoor and outdoor seating. They don't have anything #vegan on the menu per se, but they are happy to make a dish from the sides available. This dish here is on the menu, as smashed organic avocado. It's supposed to come with a Persian feta, but they were more than happy to serve  the dish without that. The avocado comes on rye toast, with corn, radish, chilli and coriander. It cost $14. All their dishes are really well presented, and the coffee is great, too. I had a soy dirty chai, with real herbs and spices in a jug of black tea and a shot of coffee. I totally rate this super cute place. The only real downside is that the mushrooms are cooked in butter, so they're a no-go. Delicious, but. X 


  1. Sounds lovely and you look like you had a fantastic day at the weekend. I've been catching up on the photos on FB. You both looked so happy and I loved your outfits. I didn't realise it was so soon but a little package is on it's way to you. I posted it on Friday so if you were in the UK you would have got it on the actual day! Oh well, hopefully it won't take too many weeks to arrive :)

    1. I got it when I came home yesterday! Thank you so much. I have already eaten half of the chips and the veggie chocolate. It's so good! I love the napkins. That's so thoughtful of you. Hope you are awesome. I'll write properly soon. :) xx