Sunday, May 11, 2014

Vegan in the US

I did it. I got hitched to my long term buddy. We're currently spending our honeymoon living it up in the US. 
We've had an amazing time fulfilling childhood dreams like going to Disneyland and Universal Studios and fulfilling teenage dreams like going to Portland and we're currently on the trainheading to the birthplace of grunge. 

The US is amazing for vegan food, as you would expect. Portland, Oregon is a Mecca for all things vegan, with a vegan shopping mall, vegan tattoo parlours, vegan scuba instructors and marriage councellors- they even have a vegan strip club. I love Portland. 

So far, we have been to LA and San Francisco. LA was really vegan friendly. We went to a vegan restaurant for dinner, of which there seemed to be many. We also went to an omnivore cafe for bruch and they had a vegan breakfast on the menu which was quite Mexican inspired. 

San Francisco was vegan friendly in the Haight Ashby area. This area smells like weed and is full of hippies without a cause. They have a Wholefoods supermarket which was completely exciting. I bought a huge slice of pizza with melted daiya cheese. It was so good. Around Fishermans Wharf, your hard pressed to find anything that's not fish. 

We've still got Seattle, NY, Colarado and Hawaii to go. I'm loving it! 


  1. Congratulations, lovely lady! Enjoy your fabulously vegan honeymoon - I mean, a vegan strip club? Does it get any cooler? :)

    1. Haha! Thank you! We had the most amazing time. Everyone was so friendly. I'm back now and have just finished a week of nights in the hospital and am just getting back to normal. Life is so fantastic right now. Other than the budget. That is not fantastic. I hope you are amazing! xx