Monday, January 5, 2015

Parsnip Puttanesca and two weeks to go.

You'll have to excuse the photo... 

It's week 37, day 4. Christmas Day was the last day I could touch my toes without bending my knees, so I'm not doing too badly. The weather has warmed up substantially, but I don't mind. I'm a hot weather girl. It is a bit shit though, as there have been some serious bush fires to the north east of Adelaide. It's incredibly scary knowing that so many people are currently displaced and worried about their homes and pets. Having said that makes me feel a little guilty that I can just go on with my life. My door is open for anyone who needs help but I'm afraid I'd be useless to help in any other way right now. 

With two weeks more or less to go I'll remember this time of the year, what I was doing, what was going on, and I'll tell my child when it's old enough to understand. 

On a personal level, I am trying to move some of this fluid that had just decided to house itself in my feet. I'm drinking dandelion tea (dirty, burned coffee anyone?), drinking lots of water and mobilising as much as I can. I feel like I'm preparing for an exam, or more appropriately, a marathon. 

I haven't eaten amazingly well throughout my pregnancy, just going with my cravings and energy levels. I've not eaten terribly, but there have been nights including tubs of So Good and a small spoon amongst other things. Bread has always been my downfall. 

I always had this idea of being this perfect yoga practising, clean eating goddess during pregnancy, but the first 6 weeks of committing and nausea left me thankful that I could just get a simple meal in my mouth in the first place. As I've stated before, I couldn't even think of food without vomiting. That kind of changed my game plan. 

Today, I've been looking at going back to super clean eating, with an emphasis on improving my vitamin and mineral levels before the big day. 

For breakfast, we had waffles made from oats, banana, vanilla and baking powder, thrown in a blender until smooth and then used as batter. With that, we had frozen banana blended into ice cream, with strawberries and maple syrup. The meal felt so decadent. 

For lunch, I made something like yuki udon, substituting noodles for thinly sliced cabbage and spirilised carrot. 

Just now, I've made a pasta puttanesca using spiralised parsnip, crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, capers, olives, flakes chilli, garlic and some veggie stock all cooked in a pan with a little water until cooked. I served it with blanched asparagus and sheese smoked cheddar. 
It was all delicious and surprisingly quick. I'll be going back there, for sure. 

If you're looking to bump up your intake of vitamins and minerals, I'd suggest substituting pasta, noodles and bread for veggies. It's just too easy. 

Have a great day everyone, and let's hope these fires stop buring soon. 


  1. Only two weeks to go! How exciting. Will be thinking of you. x Hope my little package arrived ok?

    1. It did! Thank you. I think I wrote on either your blog or your FB that it didn't come with a letter? Thank you very much, however. Everything is so good. Those banana chips are really interesting. X