Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lentil as Anything is coming to Adelaide!

I started dragging my friends to Lentil as Anything when I was in my early 20's. We would often find ourselves in Melbourne after a spontaneous 8 hour car drive. Those were the uni days when I truly had not much else going on and was happy as long as there was a beer in my hand and good tunes on the radio.
Lentil as Anything had opened in Saint Kilda. I had heard on the grapevine that this was a magical place where there are no set prices and instead, you pay what you feel the meal is worth. I would go to this restaurant every time I was in Melbourne. The people who worked there were always nice and the food was always tasty.

This concept places a lot of faith in the goodness of people. Next time you feel like humanity is drowning in its own self obsession, remember Lentil as Anything. They have been so successful that they have opened three more restaurants in Melbourne, one in Sydney and they are set to open one here in Adelaide. The location is yet to be announced but needless to say that this is going to be an exciting experiment for Adelaide. Here is what they had to say:

Lentil As Anything has actually been operating for close to 15 years now, ever since the opening of the very first restaurant in St Kilda in 2000. The concept behind Lentils came from founder Shanaka Fernando, who was inspired by his extensive travels to share the lives and cultures of indigenous people around the globe, as well as taking great steps in addressing social justice issues. The idea was, and always has been, to place people before profit; we believe that everyone deserves a place at the table, and financial circumstances should never have an influence on a person's right to food sovereignty. 
Since then, Lentil As Anything has expanded to four more restaurants (four in Melbourne and one in Sydney), relying on the spirit of generosity in our beloved community to keep the cause going. This same generosity is what helped St Kilda turn around in to what is now a thriving and successful operation; this was also achieved by lots of invested hard work and determination from the Lentils team, as well as focusing on boosting the restaurant's image and social media presence
We're incredibly excited about the Adelaide restaurant, and while the location is yet to be confirmed we can say that it will be in a fairly central location. We will be announcing more specifics on our new venture over the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook for exciting updates! As is the Lentils way, our new South Australian diners will be able to indulge in an array of multicultural dishes cooked with love, and accommodating vegetarians, vegans and various dietary requirements such as gluten intolerant.

So, Adelaide Veggies, get excited and get supportive. This is going to be fun! 

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  1. You’ll be surprised that Adelaide has a lot of gustatory options! Lentil as Anything is one of those nice places to go and try. A number of ladies at the self storage office have been to most of these places and drafted a list of highly recommended food places. I am not surprised as many of them are quite mobile and would venture out most of the time.

    1. Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed with all the restaurant choices we have here. There is a little map that someone has made if you click on the "Vegan Tour of Adelaide" tab. It's actually quite full. North, South, East, West and CBD.