Sunday, May 24, 2015

A quick review: Brighton Jetty Bakery


It's a lazy Sunday. After my husband cleaned the house, we decided that an afternoon drive along the coast would be a nice way to get out of the house and relax. We started by driving to Semaphore, slowly making our way passed Henley beach, where we discovered a dismantled Henley Square. Then on we went passed West Beach, Glenelg and onwards to Brighton.
I mentioned to my husband that Brighton had a bakery that served vegan food. He offered to stop the car so I could go explore. Being 4:50pm, I assume they'd be closed, or at least sold out. 
I wandered up to the bakery in a tad bit of a daze. I've been feeling pretty crap lately. Entirely exhausted. The girl serving was lovely despite me being a total space cadet and gave me a choice of a vegan pasty and a curried lentil pie. I bought one of each. 
We pulled over, ate and watched the sunset while our daughter slowly woke up for a cuddle. 
The pie was my favourite. The pastry was flakey and the filling cooked perfectly. 
Not bad at all, Brighton Jetty Bakery. 


  1. Thanks for the kind words Sally! We have just taken on a handful of new staff, so apologies if they seemed uncertain or lost as far as the vegan selection goes - we have a huge product range to learn. Glad you enjoyed your treats, and hope to see you again soon :)

    Dave Matkovic
    Brighton Jetty Bakery

    1. Oh, Thank you Dave! It was me that was the space cadet, not your staff. The girls were lovely. Thank you for providing such a great vegan range. You're a legend. :)

    2. I just re-read the review - seems I was in space cadet mode yesterday as well and totally missed the critical 'me' part haha! Hope to see you again soon, and feel free to check out our website for the entire vegan menu for reference, and call ahead if you want to make sure we have stock 😊

  2. Ooh, always good to note where to find a good vegan pie. When my boyfriend and I did a trip around the country, we were constantly on the hunt for the best pie, haha.

    1. I agree 100%. How good is pie!? I must add that my lover makes a pretty sexy baked bean and mashed potato pie. It tastes so great for being so basic. Where are you from? :)