Friday, May 1, 2015

Homemade mustard. I love you.

Here's how it started. I had no mustard. Mustard is a staple. It's usually so low in calories it doesn't count and it packs a flavour punch that makes everything from salads to sandwiches taste spectacular. 
So I ran out and being that I'm on a budget, I couldn't just run to the shops and get some more. 
Cut to a few days later. I had my head in the cupboard and noticed that I had a container of mustard seeds that I must of bought to do some pickling a while ago. 
Because Google has all the answers, I googled to find out how hard it was to make my own mustard. Turns out, not so hard. I amalgamated all the information I had read and came up with my own concoction based on what I had in the cupboard. It worked really well, even if it is a bit on the hot side. 
Score one for the budget. 

•One cup of mustard seeds. 
•Half a cup of vinegar (I used coconut vinegar because that's what was in my cupboard.)
•Half a cup of white wine (because that's what was in my fridge- hehe!) 
•A dash of salt. 
•A dash of pepper. 
•A dash of sweetener (I used a tablespoon of agave). 

Place the seeds vinegar and wine in a clean jar to soak for at least overnight. I kinda forgot about mine and left it for about a week. 
Take your blender and blend it all up. Add enough water to get the consistency you desire. 
Add final ingredients and blend some more. 
Put in a clean, air tight container and store in the fridge. 

Enjoy your playtime! 

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