Friday, May 29, 2015

The Golden Hour. A meditation.

The golden hour. Those precious minutes before sunset where the world around us grows in luminescence and shadow. The trees begin to glow and radiate with beauty. The sun kisses our skin with warmth.
This is my favourite part of the day. 

While I'm here, I may as well explain. You may have noticed that I am changing most things to say my married name. It feels time to shrug the stage name from my shoulders and stand with my head held high, as if to say I finally have a name that I can call my own. Growing up, I didn't know my father and didn't have a great relationship with my step dad and felt no attachment to either of the names that came at me during roll call. I'm not sure exactly but it could be one of the reasons why I felt I was missing something for so long.

Sally Kitten came from the nickname "SallyCat" which no one ever calls me anymore. I still get called Kitten from time to time, but it's a rare occurrence these days.

I tried to talk my husband into changing his last name to "McKitten" but he wasn't too excited by that prospect.

Now I have made a family, I am proud to share the banner under which so much happiness has occurred.

I am now Sally Mckinnon. Grown up and grounded.

It still feels weird to say "husband", "mother", "daughter". It's such a trip. x

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