Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cafe POD

Today we've stopped at Cafe POD in Tanunda for a soy Dirty Chai. Tanunda is in the Barossa Valley, a wine making region about an hours drive north of Adelaide. 
The restaurant is super cute with crocheted blankets on the chairs outside and log fires within. 
The menu is varied, but it does consist of a lot of gluten free and vegan meals. 
The vegan meals consist of a felafel plate, a lentil coconut curry & a veggie burger with a homemade lentil & poppyseed patty. 
It's always good to be able to go for a Sunday drive and know there is somewhere good to eat. 


  1. This place looks really cute! I really want to go to South Australia soon, it's been a long while. My boyfriend and I took a trip around Australia over the course of a year in 2013, we made it the whole way around from Melbourne up to Queensland and down the W.A coast before our van broke down, and we ended up flying back to Victoria because of time constraints, and missed out on S.A!

    1. Bummer! Sounds like an amazing a adventure though. Adelaide is the most exciting in February/march when festival season is upon us & it's nice & hot.

    2. I'd love to check out NT & WA. I haven't been before. 😊 What was your highlight?

    3. I definitely have a soft spot for W.A as I grew up there, it has the most beautiful coast line. NT was spectacular as it was so different - we swam in some lovely waterfalls and fresh springs- I think one was edith falls, and litchfield national park was cool. My other favourite places were cape tribulation/daintree rainforest in qld - stunning! And the blue mountains in nsw. We have such a stunning and varied country :D