Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Slow Cooker Apple Crumble Porridge x

Is oatmeal the same as porridge? I'm not entirely sure. I grew up knowing porridge. Not oatmeal. Words are funny.

I have fallen in love with my crock pot. It's a vintage contraption, born perhaps in the 70's when olive green was the colour du jour. I've had a few crock pots over the years but I'm feeling like I'm only just now learning to use it. I've only just figured out that it can be used for more than soups and that the timing does need to be right otherwise I end up with this weird stench that emanates from the food.

I've been using it almost everyday for the last two weeks. It's just so easy to have it cooking during the day whilst I'm looking after the babe. I throw everything in the pot in the morning, set the timer and forget about it until the evening. I bought a timer that will switch the crock pot off after however long so I really do not need to worry about anything. I find those timers so handy. I use them for my dehydrator when making dried fruit, for the light on my fish tank and I'm thinking I might start using it for the heater in our room.

Anyway, the babe is going well. She's not been the best sleeper this week but I think that is to be expected at this age. Plus, there will come a time when she won't want my cuddles anymore so I'm going to take them all while I can still get them.

Last night I thought I might try and make breakfast easier. I had been having green smoothies alone for breakfast, but with the breastfeeding and other girly things I won't go into detail about, I'm feeling like loosing the baby weight is not my priority at the moment. Being healthy (and not getting those annoying heart palpitations) is the way forward. I still have the green smoothies because they taste great and they really pack a nutrient punch. I'm just adding something more substantial to the mix.

So here it is.

Slow Cooker Apple Crumble Porridge.

Time: 8 Hours on Low.
Serves: 4


  • 3 Apples: peeled, chopped and cored.
  • One cup of oats.
  • A sprinkle of both nutmeg and cinnamon. I like to use about 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and half of nutmeg, but feel free to adjust it to your taste.
  • One tablespoon of coconut oil.
  • One tablespoon of shredded coconut.
  • Half a cup or so of chopped dried dates. 
  • Half a cup or so of water. Use your judgement. You may want more or less. You don't want a soggy mixture, though.

Add all of the ingredients to the slow cooker. Stir together. It should all stick together but not be soggy. The water should soak into the oats. Set the timer on low for 8 hours. 
The great thing about the timers is that you can set them to come on at whatever time you like, so that the meal is ready as you roll out of bed.

Get up. Get your bowl of apple crumble porridge. You may wish to add sweetener or a nut milk or yogurt if you are a sweet and creamy kinda person. 

I had one bowl this morning and put the rest into 3 separate jars, ready for the next couple of days. 

I hope you're having a good one. :) x

This is Harry. 

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