Thursday, March 7, 2019

A Little Lunch at Salem Cafe.

Salem Cafe

2/647 Marion Road ASCOT PARK SA 5043

0403 518 630 

I decided to take the fam bam to Salem Cafe, after seeing it pop up in a friend's insta photo. The photo of the seitan burger made me very happy- I love seitan. So late on a bright, Saturday morning we made the pilgrimage down Marion Road to this cute, little cafe. It is small, with a large table in the middle of a beautifully decorated room. Around the table are smaller areas for people to enjoy their meals.

We walked in. Immediately, the staff were warm and welcoming. I'm always a little nervous at this point, as I walk in with two toddlers in tow, knowing this experience of feeding toddlers in public could go either way. Thankfully, they were so stoked by the food that they decided to put it in their mouths instead if around the room.

We were made to feel at home. And the food was amazing. Very much American comfort food, we indulged in some classics- the Fried Seitan Chicken - Sandwich, with coleslaw and hot sauce. The seitan was well cooked- crunchy and golden with a little extra on the side. The coleslaw was crunchy and had the right amount of mayo to bring it together. 

Gordy had the The Scully - Pastrami sandwich. I feel that he was going to like this sandwich either way- with the X Files reference in the name or our fond memories of eating vegan pastrami on rye in a bakery in Portland, Oregon. He told me that his experience in eating The Scully was one of the only times that he didn't get food envy, and that the sandwich was just the right amount of food. He wasn't left feeling overfull or hungry.

The kids got the Nicks Hotdog. A tasty vegan hotdog covered in mac n' cheese. They loved it.  The girls sat and intently ate the mac and cheese piece by piece before devouring the dog, knowing that this was an exciting and rare experience. We even took home the leftovers and they continued to devour the rest for afternoon tea.

Let's talk about coffee, because coffee is important. The coffee at Salem Cafe was pretty tasty. Their Good Mourning Iced Coffee sounds insane- a double shot espresso and cold brew, served with ice cream and soy milk. Freaking what!? I wasn't game to try it this time around, but maybe next time? Gordy thought the cold brew was rad, and it came in a cute little bottle. Super sweet.

Coffee is the elixir of love, right?

Time to pay. I would have totally gone for dessert, but we were running out of time. The price was reasonable and fair.

Salem Cafe is a gorgeous little cafe serving plant based American style comfort food in a witchy setting. Very cool.

You can find the menu for Salem Cafe here and on Uber Eats if you live near by. 

The Nicks Hotdog

The Scully - Pastrami Sandwich

How to know you're in Salem


  1. Yum, that all sounds delicious and the place looks lovely. Great that the girls enjoyed it too!

    1. I couldn’t believe how crunchy the Seitan was! So yum.

  2. American comfort food? Witchy setting? Why is this place so far away from me?
    The food looks amazing, but that hot dog. Oh my gosh. How have I never put mac and cheese on a hotdog before? I know what I'm doing soon!

    1. I know! So yum. You'll have to come for a visit. ;)