Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Womad 2019

Otherwise known as "The Best Festival, Ever" Womad is a family tradition in our house. It encompasses 4 days of music, dance, food and art in the beautiful Botanic Park, here in Adelaide.

This year, we chose to go on the Saturday due to going to a wedding on the Sunday. I wish I went for the other days, but we've just bought a house and the laws of physics dictate that I can't be everywhere at once, sadly.

We arrived on the Saturday morning. We parked the car and loaded up the pusher with all the things that me, my husband and the kids would need for a killer day. A blanket, sunscreen, hats, refillable drink bottles, reusable straws and cutlery, as well as the all important snacks were crammed into bags and slung onto the back of the pusher.

We arrived at the gates, got our tickets and made our way inside, passed the group of 100 or so people doing yoga amongst the background of huge colourful flags. Now, I don't know about you and your tastes in festival food, but we made a bee line for the kofta balls at the Govinda's stall. For 5 bucks, you can get a huge serve of veggie kofta's covered in a hot tomato sauce. They're crunchy and always delicious. I have been known to get a bit obsessed with them and sink way too many. Yeah, I wouldn't recommend that. One bowl is ample. Our mate, Luke works the Govinda's stall every year. He said that even though it's hard work, it fils his cup for the rest of the year. The vibe of Womad is so earthly and pure and good and sweet, I can see how it would have that effect on him. It's nice to have a little catch up over some yummy food whilst the day gets started.

After Kofta's, we went exploring the village. We went into the Womade tent where local artisans were selling finely crafted wears. We went to the Hey, Reflecto stall where the owner thought Gordy was Jack Black and me and the girls got matchy matchy reflective bike vests. My one year old wouldn't take hers off for the rest of the weekend.


We explored the Kidzone. We met up with friends, had a beer and listened as Peter Hellier told us stories that he had written about kids with super powers.

5 Angry Men

Later, we watched 5 Angry Men ring bells of distain and delight, jumping high into the atmosphere as the bells were tolling. Liz Phair taught a new generation about women in rock, and John Butler sang as the sun went down and the moon came up.

John Butler Trio and the Moon
Fuck yeah, WOMAD. ILY.


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